First Cinemagram Photo Booth

Shake And Share Media Photo Booths not only shoots editorial like still pictures but we are thrill to announce our new feature "Cinemagrams" which is a hybrid between Video and still images something like living photos in HD, millions of colors per picture, high resolution in other words these are NOT GIFS which is an animation of few images put together hence its choppy look and  GIF file format was created for tiny little images made up from a handful of colors and low resolution.  Now that major social networks like  and Twitter support HD cinema graphs, it really is time to focus on high resolution images. Second it completely compatible with social media perfect for instagram and Facebook, you will see a looping video right on your news feed and NOT a boring link to another website where GIFS are hosted. cinemagraphs include an embed-code. This is similar to embedding a YouTube video on a web page. The embed code ensures that the cinemagraph will play at HD resolution with millions of colors. It’ll look fantastic. And, your cinemagraph will look awesome in any browser and on any device while keeping the file size very small.

 it is important to differentiate the term cinemagraph from GIF

Wow your friends and followers with Cinemagraphs and there hypnotic quality. This new feature that we are offering as an add on to our outstanding photo booth.

Here are some samples of how our CineBooth look like:

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