The Live Hashtag Printer  +  RingLite Photo Booth

Instantly Print all your event guests' social media pictures for display.  Prints will be customized with your company and/or event's logo, graphics, message or tagline. Your guests can share photos on Instagram or Twitter, with the event's unique hashtag, then find them at our photo station for onsite printing.  We will also provide a custom display and HDTV slideshow of the prints.  Drive more traffic to your social platoforms, and your event's hashtag by adding a Hashtag Printer to your event!   


  1.  Corporate Events: Promote your brand, event's hashtag, Instagram and Twitter pages. 
  2.  Weddings: Traditional disposable cameras can be replaced by guest's smartphones.
  3.  Proms & birthday parties: Make memorable collages for everyone to see! 

#Hashtag Printers enhance events, while also inspiring people to take more photos.  That means more tagged photos, videos and augmenting your brand & event's presence.


hashtag printer shake and share media